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We want to make you one click away from your personal trainer at any time and place. We want to make a personalized training service affordable for everyone!

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Indiegogo Offer

An Indiegogo campaign is currently underway, with up to 40% off the regular price of the service. Select the desired package and then fill in the form that opens by clicking the “start transformation” button. Help us revolutionize the fitness world and make fitness trainers available to everyone.


Check out what the Fitnessation clients say about our service

I come from a town where having a fitness trainer is considered a luxury. I was pretty dubious about online coaching because I was convinced that long-distance training programs can't help me with the desired transformation. Michael's service has absolutely exceeded my expectations. What I didn't understand in the beginning and now I do is the application of basic fitness principles. It is really difficult to understand these principles without an expert's help since we're constantly bombarded with conflicting information shared by some self-proclaimed fitness gurus.
Ben Palmer, USA
I was never really into gyms and weights lifting. And that was my ultimate excuse for gaining more and more weight. As soon as I decided to test the transformation program by Fitnessation, these amazing people made me realize that I don't really have to go to the gym if my only goal is to lose weight. I realized that all I had to do to get in better shape was to eat smarter and spend some more time being active outdoors.
Maria Curt, UK
With Fitnessation, not only did I manage to lose weight, but I also improved my nutrition habits and started to actually think about the quality of the food I eat on a daily basis. I especially appreciate the fact that Fitnessation didn't make me stick to a rigorous nutrition program, as numerous other programs do. Moreover, I got a chance to adjust my diet to my regular daily rhythm and eating preferences.
David Yang, USA
Not only are the programs created by the Fitnessation team the most affordable I've ever tested but they also offer a lot of great benefits for that amount of money. I was very pleasantly surprised by their fast replies, encouraging words, and, beyond everything, their constant support and knowledge on fitness that they've been sharing with me for a while now. My body is looking better than ever and I'm not planning to stop working on it.
Greg Allard, Canada
I have to admit that in the beginning, I was shocked as one of the instructors told me that I couldn't lose all the extra pounds in 10 weeks. He told me that an aggressive diet like that would probably lead to having those pounds back pretty soon. Now that I've reached the desired weight, I'm highly grateful to my instructor for leading me towards my goal in a healthy and rational way.
Roger Ess, Switzerland
I am a longtime client of one of the Fitnessation founders. My goal is to feel healthy and we've been working a lot on my body mobility which means a lot to me having in mind that I'm 54 years old. My fitness instructor is amazing and I have no doubt that his team is outstanding as well. I've heard that they want to make fitness instructor services widely available and I wish them all the best of luck since they really have a lot of knowledge to share.
Ivan Bardo, Slovakia